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Hi, I’m Jai, founder of Worcestershire rabbit rescue and friends. The rescue started itself 6 years ago, when I ‘accidentally’ came home with 11 ex breeding bunnies. In April 2019 my family and the rescue moved from Malvern to Tewkesbury, where we hope to better the bunny accommodation ( as well as our own!! ) I’ve been lucky enough to give up work when my youngest daughter was born 2 yrs ago, and now run the rescue full time, at least until the littlest starts school. My partner, Rich works enough hours for both of us! So I can be here for the bunnies. I’m also super grateful for the wonderful team of volunteers who give up evenings, weekends and possibly a little bit of their sanity, to help me keep all the animals happy, clean, cared for and to those that foster, do vet runs and keep the website updated for me! We’re also lucky enough to have wonderful supporters that help out financially to ensure we can continue our work. Running the rescue is truly a team effort!!


Regular Volunteer and hamster Fosterer
With Trinity, Ralph and Millie

Hi my name is Claire and I started volunteering in August 2019.  I started off with no rabbits and now I have 3 beautiful rescue buns. My love for animals started from a young age I had hamsters growing up and then as a family we had Guinea pigs and rabbits, as soon as I moved out and felt I could offer the love and attention to a pet of my own I got my first dog Trinity now 13 and going strong (with a few medical conditions). I have currently got 3 adorable dogs, 6 rabbits, 2 tortoises, a snake and 7 tarantulas.  I feed all the rabbits and Guinea pigs on a forage diet and have been lucky enough to have extra time this year to explore the local area and find some new forage areas and dry some out to feed over winter!


Occasional Volunteer

Hi I am Tegan and I started volunteering at the end of 2019. I was new to the area and missed my animals from home so Claire (another volunteer) suggested I come with her one day to the rescue. I started helping out between work, learned more about rabbits and a few months ago started fostering rabbits. One pair came and went to their happy forever home. The second pair, Dora and Percy, I just couldn't let leave. So I am now a bun mum of two thanks to the rescue.  You can check out their latest antics @officiallyabunmum Xx


Regular Volunteer

Hi I'm Nicky. I started volunteering in January 2020. My son and daughter are grown up so I was looking for something to fill up some spare time when I came across the Rabbit Rescue on Facebook. I currently have two house bunnies, Rosie and Pippin. I love helping out at the Rescue.


Previous volunteer and website manager
With Polo, former resident

Hi, I'm Bev and I've been with the rescue since July 2019. I've been signed off from work for some time and needed something to stay occupied and working with the bunnies has been incredibly therapeutic for me. I've always had a strong affinity for animals and my time at the rescue has brought out a knack for connecting with our more difficult residents.  Polo in particular was found as a stray so was extremely territorial and defensive around people, making him difficult to care for at the rescue. I decided no bunny was going to out-stubborn me and ended up bonding with him enough for weekly grooming sessions and short cuddles. I was gutted when he left us for his forever home, but it was an incredible experience to work on socialising him and knowing I'd made a difference.


Previous Volunteer

Hi, I’m Emily and I’ve been volunteering at the rescue since March 2018! I’ve owned and loved rabbits for most of my life and so I joined the rescue to help out these wonderful animals. Since November 2018 I’ve fostered many rescue buns and have loved seeing them find their future homes. 


Emily is now busy training to become a vet but we hope she will be back whenever she can!

Cait & Max

Rabbit and rodent Fosterers

Hello :) We are Cait and Max, and we first got involved with the rescue in September 2018 when we enquired about adopting bunnies when we moved into our home together. Since then the rescue has not been able to get rid of us, and we love to come and help out with the jobs that need doing. We now have 4 rabbits, 2 hamsters and a cat of our own. We also foster for the rescue, giving bunnies and other little souls somewhere to stay whilst they wait for their forever home. We love being part of the rescue :) x



With Luna and Albus

Hi, I'm Alex, I started at the rescue in September 2020. I have always adored rabbits and have had them all my life, my family even call me Bunny! I'm currently without the space for my own buns, but since taking a step back at work I wanted to commit my spare time to something I knew I would really love and have always wanted to do. It's so rewarding to help care for the buns (and other small fluffs).


Fosterer and website manager!

Hi I'm Holly and have been fostering rabbits and guinea pigs from the rescue since late 2020.  I grew up with horses, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs who have mostly all passed on now...just the old pony still going strong at 26 years old (!) with whom I competed nationally in Dressage.  I gained a BSc in Equine Science (fun but completely useless!) and now have my own dog grooming business after selling my previous business making edible photos for cakes....random, I know!

With two small children to look after as well I'm not able to commit to rabbit ownership at the moment but I am enjoying helping the bunnies and guineas at the rescue on their journey to their forever homes.


Guinea pig Fosterer

Hi I'm Pippa
I have owned guinea pigs for as long as I can remember and they have become a special interest of mine. I love learning more about these beautiful creatures and watching them play and popcorn when they are happy and well cared for. I have been fostering Guinea pigs for Rabbit Rescue and Friends since April 2021 and have recently increased my foster capacity to take on four groups at a time, as well as having six piggies of my own, one of which is a previous foster who I decided to keep. I love nothing more than surrounding myself with guinea pigs and watching them come out of their shells and get more and more confident every day

Our Story

Hello and thanks for visiting our website! The Rabbit Rescue story started in 2014, when at the time, I had only two rabbits , called Honey and Marley. Unfortunately, after Honey sadly passed away, Marley was left alone. I knew that it was important not to keep these sociable animals on their own, so I set about trying to find him a new companion. I thought I'd start by looking on the internet and was shocked to see the number of adverts for unwanted rabbits just in my local area alone. These rabbits were offered free, and it was obvious that many of them were being kept alone in tiny hutches. I started to realise that the lack of care and good homes for the number of rabbits was a problem on a vast scale. Despite wanting to rescue all of the rabbits I saw in the adverts (and only actually needing one rabbit to keep Marley company!), I settled on a group of 9 ex-breeding female rabbits that looked particularly weary and worn. They ALL came to live with me and Rabbit Rescue was born...


Three years on, there have been many ups and downs. We have seen many lovely rabbits head off to their new homes, including Wally, a happy boy with fused front legs, who now rules the roost in his new family. We have also had sad times, like when beautiful Hermione arrived expecting babies, having already had two litters in the space of three months. She was exhausted and despite our best efforts, some of her babies didn't make it. Her story could have been so different if she has been neutered in her previous home.


Some of our bunnies have experienced rough handling, abuse or neglect, which means that they are frightened every time a human is around them. With gentle care and kindness, we try our best to help them trust us, and find a new home. Then there are those that are happy and healthy but overlooked because they are not small and cute or fluffy. We work hard to find them their forever home and we are always thrilled when their special owner comes along.


So  what's next for Rabbit Rescue? In the future we would like to move the Rescue to a larger site, to increase the number of rabbits and other small furries we can take in. We will then also be able to offer help bonding adoptees with owners' existing rabbits, and welfare advice. We are aiming high, but with so many homeless and neglected rabbits out there, we have a big task ahead of us. The good news is that you can help! Whether you adopt a rabbit (or two!) from us, donate some spare change, share our posts on social media or help out at an event, we are very grateful.


Thank you for helping us help more buns!




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