Guinea Pigs for Adoption

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Our non refundable adoption fee is a minimum of £25 per guinea pig (£40 per pair) as is payable in full as reservation. Please pay Worcestershire Rabbit Rescue and Friends, Lloyds, 30 95 41, 31911360, with the animal's name as reference.


Guinea pigs must always be kept in at least pairs and males living with females must be neutered. Guinea pigs must not share their housing with rabbits (details here).


We do not adopt any guinea pigs individually unless they are to be bonded with your existing guinea pig.


We offer help bonding guinea pigs at a cost of £7 per night. Details can be found on our Bonding Services page


Take a look at our lovely guinea pigs currently looking for their forever families...

Our website is updated weekly but feel free to email with any further questions once you’ve read our adoption requirements. Thank you :) 


Percy and Pickle (reserved)

Sex: Male     Age: 15 months    Breed: Short hair 

Percy and pickle are a lovely pair of boys looking for a home together.


neutered : 10/6/21

(Updated 26/5/21)

Basil (reserved)

Sex: Male     Age: 1 year old 

Will be neutered ASAP.  Looking for a female companion(s)


(updated 12.10.21)

Spot and Flash

Age: approx 8 months Sex: males

Will be neitered ASAP


(updated 12.10.21)


Sex: Female  Age: 2 - 3 years

Ivy is currently living with Clover and Peppa and they can be rehomed together or separately.

(updated 19th Dec 2021) 


Sex: Female  Age: 1 year

Clover is currently living with Ivy and Peppa and can be rehomed together or separately

(updated 19th Dec 2021) 

Hermione (rehomed)

Sex: Female  Age: 2 years

Poppy, Willow Peppa and Hermione are all currently living together but can be rehomed in pairs, or with an existing pig.  They are currently in foster and getting lots of exposure to everyday life with humans! Hermione is the most shy, but is getting more used to humans as time goes on and takes reassurance from the other two girls.


(updated 17th Nov 2021) 

Peppa (reserved)

Sex: Female  Age: 2 years

Peppa is currently lioving with Clover and Ivy and can be rehomed together or separately.

She's still a little shy


Updated 19/12/21



Peanut (reserved)

Age: 2.5 yrs Sex: male

 Very shy. Needs a confident but calm female in a quiet home.


Neuter booked 14/12/21

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