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Our non refundable adoption fee is a minimum of £60 per rabbit or £100 per pair of rabbits, payable in full as reservation. Please pay Worcestershire Rabbit Rescue and Friends, Lloyds, 30 95 41, 31911360, with the animal's name as reference.


Rabbits must always be kept in at least pairs and should not be housed with guinea pigs (details here). We do not adopt any rabbits as single bunnies unless you are prepared to bond them with an existing rabbit in your care.

We offer help bonding our bunnies to your existing pet if needed. Details can be found on our Bonding Services page.


Due to the high volume of enquires for baby rabbits, we WON'T rehome any of our rabbits until they are spayed/neutered. Our rabbits are also fully vaccinated before leaving our care.


Take a look at our lovely rabbits currently looking for their forever families...

Our website is kept up to date with all the animals details given in their bios. We are happy to answer any further questions  via email once approved for adoption. Please also note that our buns come from a range of backgrounds so we can often only give estimates of their breeds and ages. Unless stated otherwise on their bios, all rabbits can live indoors or outdoors. 

Thank you :) 



Sex: Male   Age: 4-5 months


Hopscotch is a special bun as he only has one ear. Requires no treatment at all- ever!!  
He’s still settling in so a little shy but a very sweet chap. 


Such a sweet little soul who is very active and loves his hay will happily sit for a fuss if he has something yummy to munch on



Neuter 17/12/21


updated 14/12/21


Single Male. Dwarf lop. 15 months


A sweet boy.

Neutered and vaccinated.


Updated 6/11/21


Single male. 15 months old 


Neutered and vaccinated. 


Updated 24/11/21

Bernie & Belle (white)

Sex: Male & female bonded pair. Estimated age: 2 yrs plus. 

Breed: Lionhead crosses. Belle is quite big.


Both bunnies have been a little reserved, but are settling in and becoming more inqusitive each day. Belle is the more confident of the two and checks in to make sure I'm cleaning her pen properly. But she does need sweetening up with a treat or two before she will allow pets. Bernie is more timid and will follow Belles lead a few minutes later. They're both incredibly tidy buns who keep to their litter tray for business. 


Bernie needs to be neutered (booked 7/12/21) and both need vaccines - dates to follow. 


Updated 16/12/21

Brazil & Bumblebee

Sex: Male & Female   Breed: Lionhead


Vaccinated and neutered


Updated 26/01/22 


Brian (reserved)

Age: Approx 2yrs plus. Sex: Male


Needs vaccines and neuter (booked 23/11/21). Ex breeder so will need 8 weeks post op before bonding but can live side by side with potential girlfriend from 2 weeks post op. He seems very sweet.


Updated (28/12/21)

Rory (reserved)

Age: unknown Sex: Male


Found as a stray so his age is unknown.

Such a lovely little guy and so tidy I think the most tidy bunny I have ever met! 
A little nervous at first but if you go slowly he will take treats from your hand and we have managed to get a few strokes in, with time I can tell he will be a very loveable chap and enjoy fuss




Updated 20/12/21

Winter (reserved)

Age: unknown Sex: Male


Found in an abandoned property. Age unknown.


Neuter in the new year


Updated (16/12/21)

Pluto and Nicky 

Sex: Male     Age: 8 months    Breed: unknown mix


These two are such sweet and friendly bunnies, they love human attention and would follow me around all day if they could. They love to explore, climb, race around and get up to general mischieve and are a joy to watch and spend time with. Pluto is a bit more cautious and really doesn't like to be picked up, but Nicky is always up for some bunny cuddles and nose rubs.





(Updated 16/12/21)

Dougle (boy) 
Danni & Demi (girls)

Sex: 2x girls, 1x boy     Age: approx 19 wks   Breed: unknown 


 2 girls and 1 boy remaining.



Spayed & neutered


(Updated 8/12/21)

Jessie (Reserved)

Sex: Female   Age: approx 1-2yrs    Breed: Dwarf lop cross 


Jessie arrived already pregnant so has been busy looking after her babies but is now ready to be spayed and start looking for her forever home.



Spay booked 26th Oct


(Updated 21/10/21)

Big Bernie 

Sex: Female   Age: Unknown    Breed: French Lop 


Currently single, looking for a confident male bun friend.

Bernie is a massive fuss pot, she would sit for hours for head rubs. She loves people once she’s bonded with you and loves her food. She’s a big girl so requires a big space (10ft by 10ft with free range time) with plenty of enrichment. She would make the ideal house bun but equally happy outdoors





(Updated 28/12/21)

Malcolm and Mavis

Sex: Male & Female     Age: born 13-8-21    Breed: semi wild

These are Jessie's babies that were born at the rescue when Jessie arrived already pregnant.  They are much braver than your usual semi wilds but will still be better suited to a secure outdoor enclousure of 10ft x 10ft with no free range time.

Malcolm's front teeth have had to be removed as they were growing malaligned.  This should not now cause him any problems and he can eat as normal. 



Spayed & neutered

(Updated 26/01/22)



Sex: Male     Age: 3 years    Breed: Cashmere lop


Gorgeously soft Noah has got a few spurs on his teeth that may have the potential to need burring. We will monitor this and also hope that increasing his hay intake will help the problem.


He will get very fluffy so will require regular brushing and trimming.


He's currently in foster, follow him here


Neutered & vaccinated & we welcome all enquiries 


(updated 28/12/21)

Gloria, Ginny & Gracie

Sex: Female     Age: mum-2 yrs+, babies - 4 months   Breed: Dwarf lop cross


Can go together or separately to rebond. Will need to be spayed before they can be rehomed.


Gracie spayed.


Ginny spay booked 23/12/21 (no enquiries please until after her spay).


Gloria spay booked 23/12/21


(updated 8/12/21)

Sam (male, right)  & Willow (female, left)

 Age: 4yr old  Sex:  Male & Female Breed: Dwarf lop cross pair


They were surrendered to a vets with fly strike, probably due to being over weight. They will need a little TLC before re homing as willow needs a tear duct flush and they need to get onto a decent diet but I’m happy to take enquiries now


(updated 1/11/21)

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