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Our adoption fee is a minimum of £50 per rabbit or £90 per pair of rabbits.


Rabbits must always be kept in at least pairs and should not be housed with guinea pigs (details here). We do not adopt any rabbits as single bunnies unless you are prepared to bond them with an existing rabbit in your care.

We offer help bonding our bunnies to your existing pet if needed. Details can be found on our Bonding Services page.


Due to the high volume of enquires for baby rabbits, we WON'T rehome any of our rabbits until they are spayed/neutered. Our rabbits are also fully vaccinated before leaving our care.


Take a look at our lovely rabbits currently looking for their forever families...

Our website is updated weekly with all the animals details given in their bios. We are happy to answer any further questions  via email once approved for adoption. Please also note that our buns come from a range of backgrounds so we can often only give estimates of their breeds and ages. Unless stated otherwise on their bios, all rabbits can live indoors or outdoors. 

Thank you :) 


Peach (reserved)

Sex: Female     Age: 1.5 years     Breed: Lop

Peach is currently in foster. 
she's a very friendly bunny and used to lots of human attention, although she may take a while to settle in and trust you. She can be a little dominant with other rabbits so would ideally be looking for a confident male companion. She have previously been a house bunny so is pretty clean, and would ideally like an indoor home or an outdoor home that can offer the 'home comforts' 



Walter ( reserved ) 

Sex: Male       Age:  9 weeks (13/6/21)      Breed:  netherland dwarf  


Walter is one of our smallest residence but with a big personality! He loves exploring new spaces and gets great pleasure from head rubs off the humans!
he's still so Tiny that we have not yet been able to book him in for neuter but we hope it won't be too long until he's ready for adoption .  


Neutered: 2/9/21 


(Updated 30/7/21)


Sex: Female    Age: Unknown (Will be estimated at spay)  Breed: Medium/Large cross


Looking for a bun friend


Spay : 23/9/21



(Updated 24/8/21)

Big Barry  

Sex: Male      Age:      Breed: Large  
Barry needs a minimum space of 10ft by 10ft for 24/7 access. He’s an inquisitive friendly chap seeking a female(s) companion. Unfortunately he struggled to form a bond with the male in his previous attempted bond so we would rather be 100% sure his next home is his forever home and therefore he’s seeking female company only. Barry would be happy indoors or out but is quite particle to testing new things with his teeth so we would recommend an outdoor home ( where weirdly he doesn’t seem to be all that Interested in chewing!) 
I know we shouldn’t have favourites, but Barry has really got under my skin ❤️ I really want nothing more than to see him settling into a forever family home.




(Updated 20/9/21)

Clover (reserved)

Sex: Male     Age: 12 months    Breed: Mix

Clover is calmfriendly and inquisative.  He has beautiful red eyes and loves nothing more than a head rub.  He does occasionally sway his head to focus, because of his red eyes, but there is no cause for concern and he's as deserving as anybun!!  He will make someone a great pet.

Currently in foster. Follow his adventures on instagram here 






(Updated 28/09/21)

Wally (reserved) 

Sex: Male     Age: est. 14 weeks       Breed: Mix

Wally is a beautiful boy. He is still a little shy of new humans but comes round with some food bribery!
we are unsure of his history but was handed it at a young age after being purchased as a children's pet! 



Neutered- 5/8/21. 


(Updated 3/7/21)

Wilbur ( reserved )

Sex: Male     Age: est. 10 weeks     Breed: Medium mix 

Wilbur arrived with his 3 sisters as an unwanted litter. The buns are all very inquisitive and love investigating new enrichment toys or new space. 


Neutered 5/8/21


Updated 3/7/21

Wendy (brown) and Jemima (white)

Sex: Female     Age: 9 weeks ( 13.6.21)     Breed: netherland dwarf mix

Jemima has E.C so this pair are to stay together, and can be bonded with other ec positive bunnies. We hope as the condition was caught early and treated that it will not effect her long term, she has a slight head tilt as a result but no other current side effects. Please ensure you are familiar with EC before enquiring about adotoion. You can find the basics on the link below. 



jemima is slightly nervous but we've put that down to having to have oral medication daily. Wendy is much more confident and the pair really enjoy exploring together when they think no one is watching

we will consider re homing this pair prior to spay to a EC experienced home. All other enquires after spay. Thank you. 


neuter booked for 19th Oct


(updated 28/9/21) 

 Jenny and Josie (both reserved) (and Abi - rehomed)

Sex: Female     Age: 10 weeks     Breed: medium mix 


*** Abi has been re homed ***
.*** Jenny is now reserved ***

*** Josie is now reserved ***
The girls arrived with their brother Wilbur as an unwanted litter. All these buns are really inquisitive and love exploring new people and new places. Jenny & Josie can be re homed either together as a pair, with their brother Wilbur or to re bond with a new friend.


neutered: 12/8/21. 


(Updated 15/3/21)

Pluto and Nicky 

Sex: Male     Age: 8 months    Breed: unknown mix


Both boys have been lucky enough to spend the last few months in a fabulous foster home. They are currently living indoors but would be happy to live outside also. 

They are super friendly and really enjoy a fuss from a familiar hand. They enjoy charging around, in and out of boxes and playing with their many toys. Their enthusiasm has sometimes got the better of them at feeding time and they have accidentally nipped. 


Vaccinated .

Neutered: 20/5/21


(Updated 23/8/21)

Dave and Dougle (plus sisters ) 

Sex: 4x girls, 2x boys     Age: approx 19 wks   Breed: unknown 


 No enquiries please until spayed/neutered - date TBC


(Updated 26/8/21)


Sex: Female   Age: approx 1-2yrs    Breed: Dwarf lop cross 


UPDATE: Jessie gave birth on 13/8/21 so we won't be taking enquiries until the babies are 8 weeks (so after the 8th of October). Thank you .



(Updated 28/9/21)

Big Bernie

Sex: Female   Age: Unknown    Breed: French Lop 


Currently single, looking for a male bun friend


Spay booked 2nd Sept 2021


(Updated 22/08/21)

Big Betty

Sex: Female   Age: Unknown    Breed: French Lop (large breed)


Currently single, looking for a male bun friend


Spay booked 10th Sept 2021 


(Updated 22/08/21)

Star ( reserved )

Sex: Male     Age: 12 months    Breed: Mix

 Star is very friendly and inquisative 

Currently in foster. Follow his adventures on instagram here 


*update* WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN OUTDOOR HOME as he could be too destructive inside due to his inquisative nature!





(Updated 24/08/21)


Sex: Male     Age: estimated 2-3 years    Breed: Medium mix



Neuter booked for 10/9/21.

Kiwi & Nova

Sex: Female     Age: 10wks    Breed: Dwarf lop cross


Will need to be spayed before they can be rehomed.



Neuter date TBA


(updated 29/9/21)

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