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Our adoption fee is a minimum of £40 per rabbit.


Rabbits must always be kept in at least pairs. We do not adopt any rabbits as single bunnies unless you are prepared to bond them with an existing rabbit in your care.


We offer help bonding our bunnies to your existing pet if needed. Cost is £7 per night with an average stay of 6 nights required for bonding.
The first 4 weeks (minimum) of introductions will need to be done with them living side by side. This can be done at home or here at the rescue (£7 per night). On the 5th week, the bunnies will be introduced in a neutral space under our supervision. After week 5, the rabbits should be accustomed with each other enough to head home.


Take a look at our lovely rabbits currently looking for their forever families...

Our website is updated weekly but feel free to email with any further questions once you’ve read our adoption requirements. Thank you :) 


Martin & Petunia

Sex: Male & Female  Age: 1-2.5 years   Breed:  Mix


Marty (ginger) 11 months & Large cross breed.

Petunia (white) 2.5 years & Dwarf Lop.

Both neutered/spayed and vaccinated.

To be rehomed together.


Rodney & Elton

Sex: Male   Age: 7-8 months   Breed:  Lionheads


Neutered & Vaccinated.

To stay together.

Socialable little chaps but do not like being picked up. They are very active so would suit a home that can offer safe free range time daily or a large exciting enclosure.


Sex: Male  Age: 3 years   Breed:  Dwarf Lop


Will be neutered and vaccinated over the coming weeks.

Dora & Percy

Sex: Female   Age: 3 years   Breed:  Dwarf Lop/Mix


Spayed & vaccinated.

Dora (brown & white) & Percy (ginger)
To stay together but can be bonded into a larger group.


Sex: Male  Age: TBC   Breed:  Lop


Found as a stray so no history available.

He’s neutered and vaccinated but extremely territorial.

Hoping as his hormones chill, so will he. But at the moment he would not be suitable for families with young children and would be better suited as an outdoor rabbit.

Alfie & Bambi

Sex: Male & Female   Age: 4-6 months   Breed:  Belgium Hares



To stay together but can be bonded into a larger group.


Alfie - Male - 6 months - Neutered

Bambi - Female - 4 months - Needs to be spayed at 6 months old.

Can be rehomed on the understanding that Bambi must be spayed at our vets in Malvern at around 6 months of age.

Alfie & Belle

Sex: Male & Female   Age: 2-3 years   Breed: Lionheads


Neutered/Spayed. Will be vaccinated shortly.

To stay together but can be bonded into a larger group.


Alfie (grey) - Previous owners have said he requires a clean around his back end most days so we are monitoring this to see if we can resolve issue.

Milo & Millie

Sex: Male & Female   Age: 4-5 years   Breed:  Dwarf Lop & Rex


Neutered/Spayed & Vaccinated.

Milo - Dwarf Lop (4) & Millie - Rex (5)

To be rehomed together.


Honey (reserved)

Sex: Female  Age: 3 years   Breed:  Netherland Dwarf


Spayed & vaccinated. 

Previous owners have informed us that she’s recently been plucking her fur due to stress. We are hopeful that once she’s bonded and settled this behaviour will not continue.

Deli (reserved)

Sex: Female  Age: 18 months   Breed:  Mini Lop


Being spayed & having last vaccine end of September.

She's had a not so nice start in life so is a little on edge.

She is friendly though & is looking for a calm male companion.

Thistle (reserved)

Sex: Female  Age: 2.5 years   Breed:  Lionhead cross


Neutered and vaccinated.

Very sweet little lady but nervous of cats.

 Rupert (reserved)

Sex: Male  Age: 14 months  Breed:  Dwarf Lop Cross


Neutered & Vaccinated.

Big friendly giant.

Likely Dwarf Lop crossed with French Lop


Not currently available for adoption as receiving medical treatment.

Prudence (reserved)

Sex: Female  Age: 2 years   Breed:  Lionhead cross


Neutered and vaccinated.

Lovely sociable girl

She’s had to have dental treatment twice in the past 2 years (her back teeth grew Spurs that needed filing). Not a big deal by any means but just have to make sure new owners get them checked every year. 

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