Contact us

Before contacting us please make sure you have read our adoption requirements and can send us the following:

  1. Photos and measurements of enclosure/ room 
  2. Photos of current feed and hay
  3. Vaccine records for your current rabbits (if applicable)
  4. Proof of current rabbit's spay/neuter (if applicable)

Due to the high number of enquiries received, priority will be given to those that have read our adoption requirements and have sent us the information we need to see.


To do our new-home checks we need to see the above four things.  Once you have everything ready please email them to us at or via Facebook.


Emails checked during our opening hours Mon-Sat 9.30 - 6pm.  We appreciate your patience while waiting for a response. 


Please note that our alternative outlook email address has been compromised! If you have been in contact with us recently using this, please get back in touch at the above address so we can continue our conversation!

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