Guinea Pigs for Adoption

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Our adoption fee is a minimum of £20 per guinea pig.

Guinea pigs must always be kept in at least pairs and males living with females must be neutered. Guinea pigs must not share their housing with rabbits (details here).

We do not adopt any guinea pigs individually unless they are to be bonded with your existing guinea pig.


We offer help bonding guinea pigs at a cost of £7 per night. The average stay for bonding is 3-7 nights.


Take a look at our lovely guinea pigs currently looking for their forever families...

Our website is updated weekly but feel free to email with any further questions once you’ve read our adoption requirements. Thank you :) 


Betty (Reserved)

Sex: Female  Age: Est. 7-8 months   Breed:  Short/Long haired mix


Rescued by an online rescue group with a lot of other animals from one property so no previous owner info.


Betty gave birth on 8/7, so will be unavailable for adoption until  September at the earliest.


(updated 29-7-20)


Sex: Female  Age: Est. 5 months   Breed:  Short/Long haired mix


Very nervous so would benefit from confident friends & an experienced, quieter home.

Rescued by an online rescue group with a lot of other animals from one property so no previous owner info.


Beatrice has just given birth (29/7), so will be unable for adoption until late September/early October.


(updated 29-7-20)

Pigu (Reserved)

Sex: Female  Age: 3- years   Breed:  American Shorthair Mix 

Very sweet girl, seeking a friendly companion. For updates on her progress (and more cute pictures), check out her foster home's Instagram here!


(updated 18/7/20)

Derek (white) & Donald (black) 

Sex: Males  Age: Around 15 months  Breeds: Short/Long haired mixes

These cuddly 
boys are quite skittish to pick up at the moment but enjoy being brushed and snuggling in their foster mum's arms, so we're expecting them to become much more confident, given time and patience as they adjust. For updates on their progress (and more cute pictures), check out their foster home's Instagram here!

To be rehomed together. Neuter booked for 31/7

(Updated 29/7/20)

Bruce and Bob

Sex: Males  Age: 2 years  Breeds: Shorthair (Bob) & Long haired (Bruce)

These boys are quite timid, but we're hoping they'll become a bit more confident as they settle in.

To be rehomed together once neutered.

(Updated 7/8/20)

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