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Rabbits must always be kept in at least pairs.

Our adoption fee is a minimum of £40 per rabbit.


Take a look at our lovely rabbits currently looking for their forever families...

Our website is updated weekly but feel free to email with any further questions once you’ve read our adoption requirements. Thank you :) 


Dora & Percy

Sex: Female   Age: 3 years   Breed:  Dwarf Lop/Mix


Spayed & vaccinated.

Dora (brown & white) & Percy (ginger)
To stay together but can be bonded into a larger group.


Sex: Male   Age: 2 years   Breed:  Large Lionhead Cross


Neutered & vaccinated.

Alfie & Bambi

Sex: Male & Female   Age: 4-6 months   Breed:  Belgium Hares



To stay together but can be bonded into a larger group.


Alfie - Male - 6 months - Neutered

Bambi - Female - 4 months - Needs to be spayed at 6 months old.

Can be rehomed on the understanding that Bambi must be spayed at our vets in Malvern at around 6 months of age.

Benny & Freddie

Sex: Male   Age: 1 year   Breed:  Lionheads


Neutered & Vaccinated.

To stay together.

Would benefit from an additional friend to keep them entertained.

Alfie & Belle

Sex: Male & Female   Age: 2-3 years   Breed: Lionheads


Neutered/Spayed. Will be vaccinated shortly.

To stay together but can be bonded into a larger group.


Alfie (grey) - Previous owners have said he requires a clean around his back end most days so we are monitoring this to see if we can resolve issue.

Luke, Laurel & Louie

Sex: Male & Female   Age: 6.5 years   Breed:  Lionheads


Neutered/Spayed & Vaccinated.

To stay together - Mum, Dad & Son.

Laurel - Ginger,  Luke & Louie - Grey

Milo & Millie

Sex: Male & Female   Age: 4-5 years   Breed:  Dwarf Lop & Rex


Neutered/Spayed & Vaccinated.

Milo - Dwarf Lop (4) & Millie - Rex (5)

To be rehomed together.



Sex: Female   Age: 3 years   Breed:  Lionhead


Spayed & Vaccinated.

To be rehomed with Larry


Sex: Male   Age: 2 years   Breed:  Dwarf Lop


Spayed & Vaccinated.

To be rehomed with Lily


Sex: Male   Age: 4 years   Breed:  Lionhead Lop


Neutered & Vaccinated.

Laidback gentleman who likes to keep watch over activities at the rescue.

Slightly impaired sight due to red eyes so would benefit from a home where his surroundings stay the same. Looking for a child free home as he can be nervous of quick movements/ loud noises.



Sex: Female   Age: 2 years   Breed:  Small


Spayed & Vaccinated.

In a foster home in Worcester. Visitors will need to visit her there.
Annie has grown in confidence whilst being in foster care and has a wonderful character. She is gentle but also a little stubborn. She loves being indoors so would benefit from an indoor forever home.


Bailey & Norman

Sex: Male   Age: 8 months   Breed:  Cross Breed Cross Lionhead


Neutered & Vaccinated.

To be rehomed together.

Very sweet pair and really are the best of friends. Need a lot of space.


 Ted (reserved)

Sex: Male   Age: 2 years   Breed:  Netherland Dwarf


Neutered & Vaccinated.

Sweetheart with a sassy flair.


 Piper (reserved)

Sex: Female   Age: 2-3 years   Breed:  Lop


To be spayed & vaccinated shortly.

Looking for a friend(s). She's a confident lady.

Hates hutches!! Needs access to a large secure area 24/7.

Rodney & Elton (reserved)

Sex: Male   Age: 6 months   Breed:  Lionhead Lop


Neutered & Vaccinated.

Available together or individually.

Cheeky boys - born at the rescue - their Mum & Dad are Elvis & Evie.

Daisy (reserved)

Sex: Female   Age: 8 months   Breed:  Small


Spayed & Vaccinated.

Winner for tidiest bunny at the rescue!


Pippa (reserved)

Sex: Female   Age:    Breed:  Large


Spayed & Vaccinated.


Elvis & Evie (reserved)

Sex: Male & Female   Age: 2-3 years   Breed:  Lionhead Lop


Neutered/Spayed & Vaccinated.

To be rehomed together.

Gentle natured & cheeky couple.


Penelope (reserved)

Sex: Female   Age: 2 years   Breed:  Lionhead Lop


Spayed & Vaccinated.

She is not keen on dogs or cats so would need an indoor home without them or an outdoor home providing any dogs & cats don't pay any interest to her.

She's in need of a confident male bunny as she's dominant. This could be because she has limited hearing/vision.


Poppy (reserved)

Sex: Female   Age: 1.5 years  Breed:  Dwarf Lop Cross


Spayed & Vaccinated.


Martha (reserved)

Sex: Female   Age: TBC   Breed:  Dwarf Lop


Spayed & Vaccinated.

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