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Please note that all bunnies on your premises must be up-to-date with BOTH myxo/vhd AND vhd2 vaccines. Proof of this is required.
Bunnies must always be kept in at least pairs and all must be neutered.

Our adoption fee is a minimum of £40 per bunny - all our rescues leave with both vaccines and are neutered.

Take a look at our lovely rabbits currently looking for their forever families...

Our website is updated weekly but feel free to email with any further questions once you’ve read our adoption requirements. Thank you :) 


Sex: Female   Age: 18 months   Breed:  Dwarf Lop Cross


 Spayed (week commencing 3rd September). Vaccinations will be completed shortly after.


Albert & Ernie

Sex: Male   Age: 3 years   Breed:  Double Maine Lionheads


Albert (white) & Ernie (cream) - 3 yr old brothers. Neutered and vaccinated. To be rehomed together.


Benny & Freddie (available)
Albie (reserved)

Sex: Male   Age: 6 months   Breed:  Lionhead cross


Benny is the dark grey bunny, Freddie is the light grey bunny and Albie is the split coloured bunny. Available separately or together.



Sex: Female   Age: 12 months Breed:  Small


Ready after spay and vaccines. Can be reserved.



Sex: Female  Age: 12 weeks Breed:  Dwarf lop cross lion head


Lexi and her sister Lois are bunnies with personality. Quite the escape artists as they love nothing more than to run around the garden.  Will hopefully be spayed in September. 



Sex: Female   Age: 12 months Breed:  Lionhead cross lop


Ready after spay and vaccines. Can be reserved.


Bailey & Norman

Sex: Male  Age: 7 months  Breed: Lionhead cross large breeds


Booked in for neuter. Can be reserved.


Arthur & Ruby

Sex: Male & Female   Age3 years & 1 year Breed:  dwarf lop 


Arthur is 3 years old and is still a little shy so will need a while to settle in before we're able to learn about his personality. Ruby is just over 1 year and is a lovely natured bunny. These two make a wonderful bunny couple and are very fond of each other. Both are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. MUST BE REHOMED TOGETHER.


Sex: Female   Age: 2 years   Breed:  Dwarf Lop


 Spayed and vaccinated. On hold for 4 weeks to access if she has reoccurring urine infections.



Sex: Male  Age: 12 weeks Breed:  Dwarf lop cross lion head


Chester is booked in for neuter on the 21/8/18. He is also having his front teeth removed due to misalignment. Chester will be looking for a home as soon as he has made a full recovery. Once all healed Chester will be able to eat as normal and will not require any special treatment. 



Sex: Male  Age: Approx. 3 years  Breed: Double maine lion head


Neutered and had his front teeth removed. Vaccinated and available for rehoming now. Reggie is currently in foster but still up for adoption. He needs a child free indoor home with older or no children and experienced owners - along with a very clean female bunny. While in foster he’s grown in confidence. Once he trusts you he loves human attention. Will come and nudge you for a fuss and nudge you again if you stop. He’s a real sweetie!


Sex: Female   Age: 6 years Breed:  Large lionhead cross


Spayed and vaccinated. 

Mildred has been one of our permanent  residents since we opened nearly 5 years ago. Sadly she lost her pal last Christmas and since, we have been unable to re bond her. The hussel and bussel of rescue life is now proofing a little stressful so we are looking for a child free home for our Mildred. We have never had a rabbit re homed alone before, but Mildred just is not ready for a bunny friend , we hope in the future bonding may be an option. Mildred ideally needs to be outdoors with lots of space and daily interaction to prevent her from being lonely. She likes to sit and watch from a safe distance, with the odd head rub. Mildred really deserves the best, so please only contact us if your certain you can commit. 

Thank tou 


*PLEASE NOTE- all the rescues will now receive the VHD2 vaccine before leaving. This is not reflected in the very resonable adoption fee of £40, so if new owners can cover the costs of this vaccine we would be most grateful. Thank you*

Chance (reserved)

Sex: Male   Age: 3 years   Breed:  Large Dwarf Lop


Neutered. Vaccination booked for week commencing 3rd September.


Lois (reserved)

Sex: Female  Age: 12 weeks Breed:  Dwarf lop cross lion head


Lois and her sister Lexi are bunnies with personality. Quite the escape artists as they love nothing more than to run around the garden. Hopefully ready for spay in September. 


Lottie (reserved)

Sex: Female   Age: 6 months Breed:  Lionhead


Lottie is vaccinated and neutered. She does carry e. Cuniculi so will need annual preventative treatment for this. If you require more info about this please don't hesitate to contact us.

 Penny (reserved)

Sex: Female   Age: 16 weeks   Breed:  Dutch


Penny is a wonderful natured little girl. She’s a little shy to start but is soon happy to give kisses. 


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