Recommend Supplies List


Wire mesh suppliers and walk-in run manufacturers 

Bunnyjackpot Boarding

For animal boarding services while you're on holiday, and rabbit bonding advice. 

Brookside Pet Retreat

For animal boarding services while you're on holiday.

J&S Wood Hobby

Manufacturers of rabbit and guinea pig enrichment - houses, bridges, hay feeders, castles and hideaways!



c and c cages, fleece liners and accessories 

Chartwell - Guinea Pig Hutches & Attached Runs

Available from



C&C Cages

Available as kits from

or you can also find supplies & build your own via Amazon or Ebay & correx sheets are available via Ebay or any sign makers. You'll most likely want to also cable tie each grid to secure them as the connectors can be a little unsecure sometimes.


IMPORTANT: grids should have 9 squares horizontal & vertically. If the grids have less thatn 9 squares then the squares will be big enough or smaller guinea pigs to escape or potentailly get stuck & hurt themselves.


Healthy Herby Hay 



Our favourite place to get online delivery of  Hay! And what's even better is, if you mention Worcestershire rabbit rescue and friends in the 'where did you hear about us' box, healthy herby will donate hay to our rescues ?





Healthy natural forage & enrichment products for rabbits (& guinea pigs)



Popcorning Piggy

Pea flakes, greetings cards, stickers, clothing, mugs & more. Cute & funny guinea pig designs for proud piggie parents.

Fluffy Love Snuggles

Facebook Page -

Fleece beds, cage liners & much more.

Twigs & Burrows

Facebook Page -

Rabbit & guinea pig forage & enrichment

Funny Bunny

Natural Herbivore Food

Shop via

Healthier Hops

Shop via


Forage, toys and treats for rabbits and rodents 


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