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Happy Habitats Pet Housing

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Made to order wooden housing for rabbits. Hutches, runs, aviaries etc.

Chartwell - Guinea Pig Hutches & Attached Runs

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C&C Cages

Available as kits from

or you can also find supplies & build your own via Amazon or Ebay & correx sheets are available via Ebay or any sign makers. You'll most likely want to also cable tie each grid to secure them as the connectors can be a little unsecure sometimes.


IMPORTANT: grids should have 9 squares horizontal & vertically. If the grids have less thatn 9 squares then the squares will be big enough or smaller guinea pigs to escape or potentailly get stuck & hurt themselves.



Our favourite place to get online delivery of Timothy Hay.





Healthy natural forage & enrichment products for rabbits (& guinea pigs)



Popcorning Piggy

Pea flakes, greetings cards, stickers, clothing, mugs & more. Cute & funny guinea pig designs for proud piggie parents.

Fluffy Love Snuggles

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Fleece beds, cage liners & much more.

Twigs & Burrows

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Rabbit & guinea pig forage & enrichment

Funny Bunny

Natural Herbivore Food

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Healthier Hops

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