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Bunny Keyrings

£3.50 + 96p P&P

These homemade keyrings come in a range of colours, patterns and designs, so please get in touch for a full list of our current supply.

Pet Remedy calming wipes

£1 each plus P&P

Single wipes. Perfect for stressed out smalls. 

Chew & Toss toys

£2.50 + £3.20 P&P

Assorted chew toys, all varieties approved by rescue residents. Specific stock varies, so please don't hesitate to ask!

Rabbit food/water bowls

£7 + £4 P&P

Cute ceramic bowls ideal for veggie time!

Nature Snacks

£4.50 + £3.50 P&P

Compressed hay with Dandelion and Chamomile.

The perfect healthy treat for all small animals or a tasty addition to top up fibre consumption. 

Science Selective Naturals range treats

£2.50 + £3.20 P&P

These treats are a firm favourite with rescue residents, but our specific stocks do vary, so please drop us a message / email :) 

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