Small Animal Boarding Services

January 2022 update

Unfortunately we won't be able to take any holiday boarders for this summer until further notice. 

We apologise for any inconvenience  

Going away & need someone trustworthy & knowledgeable to take care of your pet?


We can help!

We offer safe & comfortable boarding for guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, tortoise, hedgehogs & reptiles. All small animals are considered. We regret that we are unable to offer boarding for rabbits though.


We provide your beloved pet with food, water, comfortable accommodation & enrichment so that they can enjoy themselves whilst you are away. Save yourself from worry & stress by leaving them in our experienced care.


A £20 deposit is due when booking in order to secure your pet's stay (paid either in cash or bank transfer). We get full quickly, therefore until we have received the deposit your space cannot be confirmed.  Please pay Jaimie Louise Barnes, Lloyds, 30 95 41, 32373160, with animal's name as reference.


Discounts available for multi-animal boardings.


Guinea Pigs

1-2 guinea pigs = £7 per night 

£1 extra per night for each additional guinea pig

Price is per group of guinea pigs accomodated in one hutch. 


Drop offs to be arranged after 4pm & collections before 12noon please. This allows us to deep clean cages in between holiday boarders during busy periods. Late collections are available at an additional cost of 1 extra night.


We have a couple of dedicated guinea pig zones at the rescue. We offer a sheltered outdoor boarding area as well as a dedicated guinea pig shed (see photos below). We also offer indoor accommodation if required.

We also offer a range of bedding/flooring options - fleece, lino, sawdust & straw. Litter trays with Back2Nature (paper-based bedding) can also be provided. Please specify your preference on booking.


All hutches are cleaned out daily. Hay & water are topped up at least 3 times a day to ensure fresh food & water is always available. Pellets & vegetables are given as directed by owners.


We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of each individual so please do not hesitatet to specify your guinea pigs' preferences on booking.


Please bring your brand of pellets with your piggies when dropping them off. This helps avoid any tummy upset from a change of diet. Hay is provided by us at all times.


We providing our boarders exercise time on our lawn on good weather days & also have a play pen available in our covered boarding zone for rainy days.


Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats & Mice

£5 per night per cage.


Currently, rats will need to be brought with their own accommodation.



£5 per night per cage.


Tortoise & other reptiles

£7 per night per accommodation - please note that the higher cost for these is to cover our expenses for equipment and electricity.


We have dedicated tortoise accommodation available. All other reptiles will need to be brought with their own accommodation.


We also recommend Brookside Pet Retreat in Worcestershire for animal boarding and rabbit bonding services.

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